Indiana State Championship – Day 2 and Recap

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Qualification Matches

Cyber Blue headed into the second day of qualification matches ranked 1st. We had three remaining qualification matches, with our final record being 11-1-0 and ranked 2nd.


Match #ScoreWin/Loss

* – indicates a match where one additional ranking point was earned
** – indicates a match where two additional ranking points were earned

At the end of qualification matches, Cyber Blue had an overall record of 11-2-0 and ranked 2nd overall. This guaranteed us matches in the elimination round of the competition.

Alliance Selection

Although Cyber Blue was guaranteed to pick another robot, we were picked by team 868, the 1st ranked team overall. After all the other teams had chosen, our alliance chose team 1024 to be our third robot.


Alliance #Team 1Team 2Team 3

Elimination Matches


Our first set of matches was against the 8th seed alliance, consisting of teams 71, 1501, and 3559. Ultimately, we won the series 2-0, and advanced to the semifinal round.

Match #ScoreWin/Loss
Quarterfinal 180-65Win
Quarterfinal 298-0*Win

* – the opposing alliance scored 0 points due to a penalty they received during the match, resulting in a disqualification for the alliance


Our second set of matches was against the 4th seed alliance, consisting of teams 5010, 829, and 2197. Similar to the quarterfinal matches, we won the series 2-0 and advanced to the state championship finals.

Match #ScoreWin/Loss
Semifinal 193-75Win
Semifinal 2108-70Win


Our final set of matches was against the 2nd seed alliance, consisting of teams 1720, 1747, and 4926. After a tough few matches, with high scoring and defensive ability displayed from both alliances, our alliance clinched the series 2-0, with our alliance becoming the state champions.

Match #ScoreWin/Loss
Final 192-87Win
Final 288-70Win


After all the matches were completed, we came out on top with the help of teams 868 and 1024, making our alliance the state champions. Our record for the entire event was 17-1-0. With our first state championship since 2015, we hope to continue this performance at the World Championship in Detroit in a few weeks.

We also won the Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation. This gave us 15 more ranking points within the Indiana district rankings, putting us in first. This means that Cyber Blue is the highest-ranked robot in the Indiana district, as well as Indiana state champions!

Final climb after finals match 2
Winning alliance photo with blue banners
Cyber Blue team photo with Innovation in Control Award
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