Cyber Blue would not exist without the generosity of our many sponsors and partnerships.  We would like to thank all of them for their support.

Level 4 Sponsors

2023 will be the 25th year of the partnership between Perry Meridian, Cyber Blue, and Rolls-Royce. Rolls-Royce support began in 1999 with engineering support. Over the years, we have been able to strengthen this partnership to include engineering support, corporate sponsorship, internships, co-ops, and job opportunities for graduating alumni.

Rolls-Royce Corporation in Indianapolis is home to the largest Rolls-Royce manufacturing site in North America. Their production, assembly, test, and facilities teams include electricians, millwrights, pipe fitters, tool & die makers, and airframe/power plant mechanics. Their employees design, develop, and manufacture key company products. Approximately 50% of the workforce is part of the Engineering organization.

Creating Opportunities for Cyber Blue

For 25 years, the relationship between Rolls-Royce, Cyber Blue, and Perry Meridian High School has grown to include:

  • Financial and engineering support
  • Nine different engineering volunteers, both men. and women, with an average of 4 working with the team each season. One engineer has been with the team for 17 years.
  • Scholarships for young women to attend a “Women in Engineering” summer camp at the University of Dayton – 6 team members have attended
  • Special consideration for robotics alumni to enter the Co-Operative Education program before their freshman year of college instead of the usual sophomore year
  • Opportunities for college internships
  • Opportunities for high school internship positions in engineering and finance
  • Full support, including the use of the training center and engineering managers, for a “Design Review” where the students present their design and strategy to a team of senior managers for critique and feedback
  • Providing promotional and recruiting information to be given to teams at regional events and the Championship Event
  • Access to the facility for demonstrations for all interested employees
  • Support of the FIRST Boilermaker Regional since the 2005 inaugural year, including sponsorship and several key volunteers and judges
  • Judges for the Indiana Robotics Invitational
  • Publicity in the company electronic news and printed publications
  • Volunteer judges for a school-wide science fair each spring

For more information, visit their website: www.rolls-royce.com

Allison Transmission has been providing engineering, financial, and travel assistance for the past 21 seasons. This relationship grows stronger each season with more involvement from both parties.

Allison Transmission is the world leader in the design, manufacturing, and sales of commercial heavy duty automatic transmissions, hybrid propulsion systems, and related parts and services for on-highway trucks, buses, off-highway equipment, and military vehicles.

Creating Opportunities for Cyber Blue

  • Financial support and travel assistance for the team
  • Two engineers, one who has been with the team since it began!
  • Senior engineers and managers for the design review panel
  • Judges for the Boilermaker Regional
  • Judges and a student scholarship for the Indiana Robotics Invitationals
  • Publicity in company newsletters
  • Access to the facility for demonstrations and training

For more information, visit their website: www.allisontransmission.com

Perry Township Schools

Perry Township Schools has provided build space and teacher sponsors from the start of Cyber Blue.  This year’s sponsorship includes a grant awarded to Cyber Blue 234.  We proudly represent Perry Meridian High School and our community.  For information about the school corporation, please visit: www.perryschools.org

Level 3 Sponsors

Perry Meridian Falcon Boosters

Level 2 Sponsors

If you are interested in sponsoring CYBER BLUE 234 contact us through our email first@cyberblue234.com