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Cyber Blue is a partnership between Perry Meridian High School, faculty advisors, corporate sponsors, students, parents, FIRST, and our community. Contribution and commitment from all members of the partnership is required for a successful team.


  • To inspire students to explore an interest in further studies and careers in engineering, technology, and science.
  • To motivate students to seek opportunities in these fields.
  • To solve engineering design problems in cooperation with adult leadership teams.


  • To cultivate the interest in technology of individuals from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, or aptitude.
  • To develop and encourage greater awareness of modern technology and its latest developments.
  • To provide a better understanding of where technology has been, where it is headed, and how it works.
  • To encourage a diversity of interests, experiences, and ideas among members and to learn from each other.


  • To create a symbiotic relationship among the professional, collegiate, and high school worlds.
  • To expand and grow as a top academic team respected within the school, workplace, and community.
  • To offer professionals a chance to apply their expertise to aid students of all levels.
  • To give students a chance to explore career paths.
  • To present students with a practical, versus theoretical, experience with real world technology and situations.
  • To incorporate and combine multiple disciplines such as math, science, English, and art to create a better, more well rounded group of individuals and, hence, a better, more knowledgeable future workforce.


Perry Meridian High School

401 West Meridian School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Team Information

Shana Schreiner, Lead Teacher Sponsor
Email: sschreiner@perryschools.org

Chris Fultz, Lead Team Mentor Contact
Email: chrisfultz@att.net
For basic team information or questions, contact: first@cyberblue234.com

Parent Crew

Email Julie Boyce:   julieboyce7@gmail.com


If you experience any problems on this site, please contact the site admin at: admin@cyberblue234.com