Detroit Championship – Day 3 & Recap

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Heading into the final day of the Detroit World Championships, the day began with alliance selection. Currently ranked 10th overall, Cyber Blue was not in a position to pick, and we hoped that our performance throughout the competition made us a favorable pick overall. Unlike previous events, teams at worlds are made of 4 team alliances, where alliances get to choose their backup robot.

Alliance Selection

We were picked by the 4th overall ranked team, team 619. We would head into the elimination round for our division with ourselves, team 619, team 2137, and team 5587.

Alliance #Team 1Team 2Team 3Team 4

Elimination Matches


Heading into the first round of elimination matches in our division, we were to play against the 5th seed alliance, consisting of teams 2960, 67, 5712, and 2096. Unfortunately, after some technical malfunctions and heavy defense, we were unable to win the series and lost 0-2.

Match #ScoreWin/Loss
QF 190-99Loss
QF 270-98Loss


Unfortunately, after losing in the first round of elimination matches, our season came to an end. We hoped to advance further on the big stage, but we are still happy with our performance throughout the season.

Congratulations to teams 5050, 111, 2052, and 4607 for winning our division.

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