2018 Week Six Recap

Here are some quick recap from week six:

  • The manufacturing sub-team finished our prototype, R1.
  • The design sub-team made a CAD model of an arcade cabinet for the Chairman’s presentation, made adjustments to the pneumatic arm grabber, and added support for the elevator.
  • The PR sub-team finished the Ruland video.
  • The electronics sub-team made something that’s classified, and it will be showcased in our reveal video.
  • Lastly, we took a new team picture!

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2018 Week Five Recap

Here are some quick recap from week five:

  • The manufacturing sub-team worked on the chassis and motors on R2 (our main robot).
  • The design sub-team made changes to the chain lift system, grabber, and the elevator dimensions.
  • The PR sub-team submitted the chairman’s essay and the Woodie Flowers essay.
  • The electronics sub-team made the controls for the auto grabber and worked on autonomous. 
  • Lastly, CDR (Critical design review) was a success!

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2018 Week Four Recap

Here are some quick recap from week four:

  • The manufacturing sub-team worked on the elevator and the drives.
  • The design sub-team finished the second version of the elevator and made the lifting system for the second elevator. They also made renders for CDR (Critical Design Review).
  • The PR sub-team made a powerpoint presentation for CDR.
  • Lastly, the electronics sub-team wired the robot.


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2018 Week Three Recap

Here are some quick recap from week three:

  • The manufacturing sub-team worked on the elevator and the drives.
  • The design sub-team created CADs for the elevator and drives.
  • The PR sub-team took students photos and revised their essays.
  • Lastly, the electronics sub-team worked on autonomous.

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2018 Week Two Recap

Here are some quick recap from week two:

  • The manufacturing sub-team built prototypes and motors for the robot.
  • The design sub-team continued working on the CAD prototypes and created an elevator design.
  • The PR sub-team revised their essays, took team pictures, and updated the website.
  • Lastly the electronics/programming sub-team worked on battery-testing and vision for the robot.

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2018 Week One Recap

On Saturday, January 6th, Cyber Blue attended a kick-off event at the University of Indianapolis alongside a handful of teams from central Indiana. After the event, the team read the 2018 Games and Season Manual to understand the rules more. Throughout the next seven days, the team made a few advancements:

  • The manufacturing sub-team rearranged the field for more space and constructed the field with game elements including the switches, the scale, and the portal.
  • The design sub-team created multiple prototypes using CAD while the manufacturing sub-team built some of those prototypes.
  • The public relations sub-team started working on the Chairman’s essay and the Woodie Flowers essay. 
  • Lastly, the electronics/programming sub-team executed some ramp tests and worked on vision for the robot.





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2017 Boiler Bot Battle

On November 11th, Cyber Blue traveled up to Purdue University to attend the 2017 Boiler Bot Battle. We took two robots to compete- R2, our main one, and R3, our new bot, which mostly focuses on collecting gears.

(left) R2 (Right) R3

R2 was ranked #8 while R3 was ranked #2. R3 went on to semi-finals. R2 was on the winning alliance along with teams 1646, 9197, and 4028. The score for the final match was 310-250. 

It was a successful competition!

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IndyRAGE a huge success!

Cyber Blue 234

Robotics All Girls Event

October 7, 2017

 The 3rd IndyRAGE was a huge success! We would like to send a special THANK YOU to sponsors Rolls-Royce, AndyMark and Cummins. A special shout out also goes to all the wonderful volunteers that helped make the event such a success! 







The winning alliance of this year’s event: 234-Cyber Blue, 2826 WAVE and 4926 GalacTech.

The finalist Alliance: 1501- Team THRUST, 1741- Red Alert, 4103- Roborioles and 3947- Last Crusaders

2017 Award Winners:

Most Spirit: 1018- Pike RoboDevils

Safety: 4103- Roborioles

Design: 1741- Red Alert

Imagery: 6721- Tindley Trailblazers

Technical Description: 1529- Cyber Cards

Team Dynamics: 2826- WAVE

Judges Choice: 6956- SHAM-ROCK-BOTICS

Mentor: 1741- Rachel Miller


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Sign-Up For IndyRage 2017!

The 2017 IndyRAGE (Raising Awareness for Girls in Engineering) is set for competition on Saturday, October 7, at Perry Meridian High School. Field set up and team load in will be Friday, October 6

Registration will be $100.
Registration includes lunch and lunch program (tbd).  
Limit of 24 teams. 
Female Drive Team and Female Drive Coach Required. 
All team members encouraged to attend!

Special THANK YOU to sponsors Rolls-Royce and AndyMark. 

Link for Team Registration – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F…mail_form_link

Link for Volunteers –https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F…mail_form_link

Tentative Schedule –


3:00 PM – 7:00 PM Pits and Field Set-Up
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Team Load In and Pit Set Up,
Radio Programming

Note: Due to a Home Football game, access to the East (main) parking lot will be severely limited. Field and Team load in will be on the WEST SIDE of the building, likely near Door 12. Watch for signs and further updates.  


7:00 AM Doors Open for Volunteers / Light Snacks
7:00 AM Volunteer Registration
7:30 AM Doors Open for Teams
7:30 AM Volunteer Meetings Begin
9:00 AM Opening Ceremony 
9:30 AM Qualification Matches Begin

11:30 AM Open Mingle & Lunch (provided), Cafeteria
NOON Program – TBD
1:15 PM Return to Gym

1:30 PM Qualification Matches Resume
3:00 PM Alliance Selection
5:00 PM Awards Ceremony & Closing
6:00 PM All Teams Exit
8:00 PM Load Out Complete

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Introducing… Our New T-Shirt Launcher!

Entrance to the new Falcon Stadium

After about a month of building our t-shirt launcher, Cyber Blue has finally revealed it to the public eye yesterday, on the opening night of our brand new stadium! This is a monumental significance for Perry Meridian High School because we have been sharing a football stadium with Southport High School for over forty years! Many alumni from our high school even came to visit the stadium. 

Successful turnout at opening night

Before launching t-shirts into the crowd, Cyber Blue members must pass a safety and knowledge test in order to shoot the device. The launcher ranges from 40-100 psi and must be handled with special consideration. Then we held a practice session before the game to test it out.

Robot driver, Ben Fair, launches a t-shirt

When the big day arrived, many Cyber Blue members got a chance to operate the t-shirt launcher and it was a total success! The crowd was hyped up about it and showed positive enthusiasm. Our new principal, Mr. Boedicker, even got a chance to shoot it into the crowd! 

Ben lets Mr. Boedicker launch a t-shirt


Overall, this was such a positive event and Cyber Blue hopes to shoot more t-shirts at future events soon!

Cyber Blue team members pose for a picture

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