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IRI 2018

This past weekend, Cyber Blue had a great time co-hosting the Indiana Robotics Invitational with 1024 and 45!

We had 70 top teams from across the continent show up to face off at Lawrence North High School! Including (but not limited to): Four teams from Canada, one team from Mexico, and a team from Hawaii!


Our winning alliance: 2056, 195, 2168, 340

Finalists: 1024, 225, 2590, 868


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2018 World Championships

On April 25th, Cyber Blue traveled to Detroit, Michigan to compete at Worlds. It took place in the Cobo Center this year.

We ranked 8th with a record of 6-6-0 in the Darwin division. Our alliances were Team 1519 (Mechanical Mayhem) and Team 3130 (The ERRORs). It was a hard fought battle, but unfortunately, Cyber Blue did not make it past the Quarterfinal round.

Overall, Cyber Blue had a successful season with a new blue banner (Winner of the Plainfield District) and new awards such as the Excellence in Engineering Award, two Innovation in Control Awards, and a Dean’s List Finalist Award (Haley Sellhorn). We are looking forward to a successful off-season also!

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2018 Indiana State Competition

On April 12th Cyber Blue left Perry Meridian to travel to the 2018 FIRST Indiana State Competition.


After a tough match schedule, and dropping to a low ranking of 25th, Cyber Blue finished qualification matches 6th overall. 

In eliminations, our alliance of 234, 135, and 5010 lost in the quarterfinal tiebreaker against 1024, 71, and 5484.


Winning Alliance – 1747 868 3936

Finalist Alliance – 1741 1720 5188


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2018 Plainfield District

On March 23rd, Cyber Blue went to the 2018 Plainfield District competition.


This was a very successful competition, with up to 10 cubes cycled in a match and an event victory!

Cyber Blue ended up ranking 2nd after qualifying matches.


Winning Alliance- 868 TechHOUNDS, 234 Cyber Blue, and 3947 the Last Crusaders.

Finalist Alliance- 5188 Classified Robotics, 3940 CyberTooth, and 829 Digital Goats


2018 Award Winners

District Chairman’s- 1747 Harrison Boiler Robotics

Excellence in Engineering- 1018 Pike Robodevils

Highest Rookie Seed- 6956 Sham-Rock-Botics

Judges’ Award- 829 Digital Goats

Spirit Award- 2771 Code Red Robotics



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2018 St. Joseph District

Cyber Blue 234 traveled up to Mishawaka on March 10th and 11th for the St. Joseph district event.

Lightning and our drive team performed very well over the weekend, cycling up to 9 cubes!

Cyber blue ranked 8th among 40 teams in attendance

Winning alliance: 1024 Kil-a-bytes, 74 Team C.H.A.O.S, 3357 The Comets

Finalist alliance: 3936 RoboBlitz, 1501 Team THRUST, 71 Team Hammond

2018 Award Winners:

District Chairman’s- 135 Penn robotics

Excellence in Engineering- 234 Cyber Blue

Highest Rookie Seed- 7198 TL Fearsome Gears

Judges’ Award- 6721 Tindley Trailblazers

Spirit Award- 3147 Munster HorsePower


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2018 Miami Valley Regional

On March 1st, 2018, Cyber Blue traveled up to Dayton, Ohio for our first event of the season, the Miami Valley Regional.

Our robot, Lightning, cycled 5 power cubes on average across 6 matches. Lightning has the ability to play both the switch AND the scale during a match.   We learned a lot during this event and were able to quickly adapt to our early challenges.

Cyber Blue ranked 32nd from 62 teams in attendance.

Winning alliance of 2018: Team 4362 Gems, team 302 the Dragons, and team 3397 Robolions

Finalist alliance: Team 4028 the Beak Squad, team 3504 the Girls of Steel, and team 5811 BONDS

2018 Award Winners:

Regional Chairman’s- 3324 the Metrobots

Regional Engineering Inspiration- 5740 Trojanators

First Dean’s List Finalists- Fatima Bainazar (3324 Metrobots) and Alex Ronnebaum (5811 BONDS)

Judges’ Award- Team 291 CIA- Creativity in Action

Spirit Award- 3504 the Girls of Steel



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2018 Week Six Recap

Here are some quick recap from week six:

  • The manufacturing sub-team finished our prototype, R1.
  • The design sub-team made a CAD model of an arcade cabinet for the Chairman’s presentation, made adjustments to the pneumatic arm grabber, and added support for the elevator.
  • The PR sub-team finished the Ruland video.
  • The electronics sub-team made something that’s classified, and it will be showcased in our reveal video.
  • Lastly, we took a new team picture!

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2018 Week Five Recap

Here are some quick recap from week five:

  • The manufacturing sub-team worked on the chassis and motors on R2 (our main robot).
  • The design sub-team made changes to the chain lift system, grabber, and the elevator dimensions.
  • The PR sub-team submitted the chairman’s essay and the Woodie Flowers essay.
  • The electronics sub-team made the controls for the auto grabber and worked on autonomous. 
  • Lastly, CDR (Critical design review) was a success!

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2018 Week Four Recap

Here are some quick recap from week four:

  • The manufacturing sub-team worked on the elevator and the drives.
  • The design sub-team finished the second version of the elevator and made the lifting system for the second elevator. They also made renders for CDR (Critical Design Review).
  • The PR sub-team made a powerpoint presentation for CDR.
  • Lastly, the electronics sub-team wired the robot.


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