2022: RAPID REACT℠ Columbus/Tippecanoe Event Details.

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Hi everybody, it’s Chris again. We at Cyber Blue are glad to be back in the building after our long and hard competition season this year. A lot happened during these events if you wish to check it out for yourself you can take a look at Indiana’s FIRST Robotics Competition’s official YouTube page right here at this link- FIRSTINRobotics – YouTube

Our first competition at Columbus went rather well. For a number of our members here at Cyber Blue, it was their first-ever district event.

However, our members were able to maintain Gracious Professionalism throughout the Event and push our team all the way to the Finals. Despite being ranked 12th place at the event we were able to make it all the way to the finals alongside our alliance including teams 447 Team Roboto and Team 1018 Pike RoboDevils. If You want to see what it was like you can check our matches out on the links below.



Despite not winning the finals We absolutely felt like winners when it was revealed we had won the event’s Engineering Inspiration Award. To make things even better it was also revealed to us we had won the same award at the district level.

With the next event at Tippecanoe, we sadly didn’t do as well. Only making it to the semi-finals alongside our previous ally Team 1018 and new alliance partner Team 5484 Wolf Pack. Despite not reaching the same heights as the previous competition our spirits were the highest they’ve been, with our newcomers finally getting a grasp on cheering.

See if you can hear us in these links for the matches!!



In the end, we placed 6th at Tippecanoe and left with a record of 11-4-1. This was just enough to push us to qualify for the state finals.

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