Cyber Blue is focused on exceeding known limits.  We concentrate on education, community, and competition.  Whether we are inviting the community into our lab to experience robotics firsthand or helping out our neighboring teams in FIRST®, Cyber Blue is determined to be a force and recognized name in our Southside Indianapolis community.

The setup and vision of Cyber Blue are designed to teach students of all interests to apply for the team, and we diversify our team by accepting many different types of learners.  We find that the creation of a robot is not only about engineering but about creativity and idealistic thinking.

Our Team Goals

  • Cultivate interest, understanding, and skills in technology and engineering.
  • Encourage creativity of thought, perseverance in the face of obstacles, and cooperation and compromise as individuals who are part of a team.
  • Increase awareness of science and technology education opportunities.
  • Promote teamwork skills.
  • Promote FIRST®.
  • Inspire students about technology, math, and science.
  • Introduce students to positive role models.
  • Prepare students for leadership.
  • Care for the community in which we live.