2022: Cyber Blue Check-in

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Hello, there I’m Chris from Cyber Blue’s Media Team! With competition dates coming closer and closer, some people are probably wondering what we’ve been doing over the past couple of weeks and how the robot has been coming along. Allow me to pass it to my teammate Callie to fill you in on some of the latest happenings here at Cyber Blue.

Hey there, it’s Callie and I’m here to give you the inside scoop on what’s been happening in our lab! Firstly I must give you context as to what the Chairman’s Award is. It’s the most prestigious award FIRST Robotics gives out. The award is given to the team that emulates the core mission of FIRST, that being the way a team inspires honor and respect for science and technology.

Anyhow – for the Chairman’s Award, a few select people from the team must present an essay to a few judges with the guidance of a mentor. The students have 12 total minutes with the judges to present for a 7-minute limit, then having 5 minutes to answer the judge’s questions. Our presenting team has been working hard to present the Chairman’s Award as best they can with all the enthusiasm we can all muster! So please give the presenting team all of the good luck!

Thanks for reading my part of the blog post I’ll be turning it back over to Chris, see you all next blog post!

Thanks, Callie! Now then, some people are also probably wondering just how the robot is coming along and to that, I can gladly say that it’s been coming along very well!

Over the past couple of weeks, our manufacturing team has been hard at work constructing both a working prototype and the robot we’ll use in competition. However, they aren’t the only ones hard at work – our electronics team is also cracking away at preparing the internals of the final robot as well as the code to be used during the autonomous period. Others are also being trained on how to scout out opponents with the help of mentors. On top of that, with competition dates getting closer and closer, many students are eagerly being taught how to drive and operate the robot. Our first competition is March 18th-20th. Speaking of competition, if you’re interested in checking out competitions in the future you can check out the calendar for specific dates and the FIRST website at https://www.firstinspires.org/ for more details.

Whether it be the chairman’s essay or the robot we’ve all been hard at work here at Cyber Blue. In one way or another, we all hope to see you at the competition to see the fruits of our labor as well as support the team. Have a good rest of your day everyone and we’ll see you next time!!