2022 Recap

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Happy New Year and a happy new season! It’s been 8 months since our last update, and we are going to start this new year off clean with a recap of what you may have missed during our 2022 season.
Our previous season, Rapid React, was a more productive season than the COVID-19 shutdown season. One thing that made us more productive was the number of people that joined in contrast to the few that we had in the 2020–21 season. Another reason was that we were able to work as a team in person.
We went to Columbus and Tippecanoe for district events and to Rose Hulman for the Indiana State Finals. We were finalists at Columbus. By the end of the season, our team ranked 12 out of 52 teams and earned 184 points with the District Engineering Inspiration Award and the Regional Engineering Inspiration Award. This was great after a rough two years with COVID in the way. After careful consideration, Cyber Blue made the decision not to go to the FIRST Championship in Texas.
During our off-season, we traveled to Columbus and Lafayette, as well as our own school, for IRI, Boiler Bot Battle, and INDY RAGE. We volunteered to help with some Girl Scout troops and helped at Abraham Lincoln Elementary.

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