Team History – 2012

Description of Robot

MANiMaL was named as an acronym of the first initials of our foreign exchange students. MANiMal had great collection abilities for the game basketballs and a shooter that was accurate and consistent. The bridge lowering system was simple and effective.2012 Robot


Strong drive, rapid basketball collection, staged shooter loading system, a tracking system that improved throughout the season.

Unique Features

Sensors automatically managed the basketballs in the lift system and advanced them for shooting.

Favorite Memories with Robot

At one point at the championship event, we were ranked last place- 100 of 100. we continued to work and improve and became the 11th pick in the draft and advanced to the Semi-finals.


Boilermaker Regional
  • Semi-Finalists
Smokey Mountain Regional
  • Regional Chairman’s Award
  • Regional Winners
  • Innovation in Control Award
  • Website Award
St. Louis Championship
  • Semi-Finalists in Archimedes Division