Team History – 2003

Description of Robot

The Falcon V, or The Flailer, had a very slow drive and a tower that held up the “Flailing Arm”.2003 Robot


This robot had extremely high torque–we never got pushed once. The arm was also very robust compared to the other robots of similar design.

Unique Features

The most unique feature was the flailer arm. It would start out in a compact position, then fold out and extend to knock totes onto our side of the field.

Favorite Memory with Robot

When we got the robot to run for the FIRST time, completely, we were at the Richmond competition in the parking lot.

Robot Accomplishments

Our best accomplishment was getting the robot to run on the spot in the Richmond Regional parking lot minutes before the competition.


NASA VCU Regional
  • 7th seed Alliance Member
  • Website Award
Arizona Regional
  • 1st seed Alliance Member
  • Regional Chairman’s Award
  • Website Award