2023 CHARGED UP Week 2-3 Recap

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Welcome everyone! It’s been a while since our last blog post, but we have lots to talk about!

Our second and third weeks of the season went well here at CYBER BLUE. Our students were able to finish our home-built field elements in record time, painting them all the same royal blue we paint most of our equipment in.

As well as this, with the tireless work of our electronics and manufacturing team we were able to get a prototype chassis for our swerve drive system off the ground. Or should I say across it, as this chassis will provide us with some incredible movement capabilities this year.

The work is far from over, though. Over the course of week 3, a number of our resources and time went into coming to a consensus on what way our robot is going to collect and score each of the game pieces this year. We came up with idea after idea influenced by designs and ideas already implemented by other teams and eventually settled on a final design that achieves all we set out to do. This week then, we plan to implement this design and work on combining it into our prototype.

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