2022 Game: RAPID REACT ℠

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The 2022 build season has begun! After two long years, we are excited to get back to a normal FRC season. The game for this year is RAPID REACT ℠, presented by The Boeing Company. The game starts with a fifteen second autonomous period, and the remaining two minutes and fifteen seconds is the teleoperated period. During autonomous, robots will leave their tarmacs and attempt to score the two starting cargo. During teleop, players take control of their robots and pick up cargo to score in the hub. The hub has two levels, and the upper hub is worth more points. Human players can stand by the loading terminal, attempting to throw cargo into the hub for extra points. The final fifteen seconds of the teleoperated period is the endgame – where each robot will attempt to climb four levels of rungs in their alliance’s hangar. Here at Cyber Blue, we are ready for another season of competition and Gracious Professionalism. We hope you all are too!

For more details on this years game check out https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/game-and-season

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