2023 CHARGED UP Week 5 Recap

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Hey all! Happy Valentines Day! Let’s see what the team has been up to this past week.
The electronics team has been super busy! They wired up the bot and its arm received and tested 6 new batteries, adjusted the movement of the arm, worked on autonomous, tested the grabber, and continued to program.
The assembly team has also had a lot on its plate. This section of the team has moved motors, added pneumatic cylinders to lift the bot’s arm, made shafts for the encoders, tested the grabber, and made numerous adjustments.

The CAD team has been busy creating, and printing parts for the bot, editing and modeling a CAD version of the bot, and creating blueprints, and constraining and modeling pieces.

Lastly, our team has recently received thank you notes from many elementary students after our donation of backpacks to their school. On top of that, our student members made their own thank-you gifts in appreciation of our mentors and all they do for us. Stay tuned for an update next week!!!

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