2023 CHARGED UP Week 4 Recap

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Welcome back to the weekly recap everyone! We’ve got some incredible news to share with you this week that we hope you’ll enjoy.

To start out one of the most exciting things that happened over the last week was a number of our members heading down to the statehouse on Wednesday. They were there as part of a group effort of robotics teams around Indiana in an attempt to get a bill related to school robotics programs to pass by showcasing the wide-reaching effects of robotics programs.

Our members made such a good impression on the people there that a number of us ended up on the local news station WTHR

However, that wasn’t quite everything that happened this week. Our teams here were hard at work last week discussing the implementation of speed limiters on our robot. Many argued that they may be necessary for our mechanism to pick up the game elements. However, this didn’t go far and it was agreed to instead continue development on the robot before a decision was made.

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