Potential New Members

We are currently setting up interviews for anyone that would like to join Cyber Blue. Please see Mrs. Schreiner (2-8C) for an interview time slot. Please click on the link below for Interview Tips and a Sample Resume. 

Interview Tips and Sample Resume


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Cyber Blue 234

Robotics All Girls Event

October 7, 2017


We are hosting the 3rd annual All Girl FIRST Robotics competition at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis, IN on October 7th, 2017. Pits will be open for set up on Oct 6th.


IndyRAGE is a unique event as it ties the FIRST competition together with an event focused on girls. Female motivational speakers and an open discussion led by women in STEM fields will give girls the opportunity to ask questions and get motivated about engineering and other STEM fields. Girls are also encouraged to try new roles at this event.


Pit crews are encouraged to be all-female. We recognize this as a significant challenge to teams, so this is not a requirement. Teams are encouraged to recruit new mentors for this event. This year we would like to challenge teams to bring along girls that have an interest in joining their team so they can experience a FIRST robotics off season competition.


Volunteers – Our goal is 100% female volunteers in every role. In some cases, due to the experience required, this may not be possible. In those specific cases, we will have an experienced volunteer provide coaching and training for a female interested in learning those roles.


The rules are simple- You must have an all-girl drive team (including coach).

We encourage you to bring your whole team, so they can cheer you on to success!

There will be judged awards.

Our mission is to empower girls to try something new during this event.

We are still in the planning stage for this year’s event so please follow us on twitter

@theIndyRAGE       or contact us at       theindyrage@gmail.com             for more information.

Entry fee to be determined ($100 in 2016).


Come join us for an empowering weekend!


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This past weekend we attended the CORI Robotics event in Dublin, Ohio. 

We were in the first alliance and made it to quarter-finals. 


Haley drops the rope for the 234 bot to board the airship

Human Player Dean S. Gives the OK that a gear is in the bot.

Chris, Alivia and Ryan smile for a drive-team photo

Chris, Dean and Ben take the bot down

Hannah and Lilly enjoy their time in the stands cheering on the team.

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June Events!


Wednesday, June 21st

This is an afternoon of activities with girls ages 6-11 years old. 

The activities will focus on science and technology.


CORI (Central Ohio Robotics Initiative)

Friday,  June 23rd and 24th

Off-season Competition

This competition is in Dublin, Ohio

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Worlds Championship – St. Louis

Division: Curie

Made it to the quarterfinals with the #3 Seed
Adam Crozier got UL Safety Star of the Day! 
We hope to see you during our off season!
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Vote For Us!

Vote Here!

Vote NOW for our video to help Cyber Blue win $7,500 grant from @DowCorps. Please vote and share our video! Voting runs from April 10-16— you can vote once every 24 hours! #ShapeTheFuture #morethanrobots

Shaping the Future Video Contest

Please vote for Cyber Blue’s Shaping the Future Video. This is a project we are working on. Please vote every day!

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Indiana District State Champions Event!

Over the weekend we attended the Indiana District State Champions Event in, Huntington, IN! This was at Huntington North High School! We’d like to thank team 1501 T.H.R.U.S.T for hosting this event.

We placed 10th at the end of qualification matches. Though, we were the 1st pick on the 1st alliance with our alliance captain, Team 135, Penn Robotics and our other alliance member team 3147 Munster Horse Power. We had made it into quarterfinals.

Team 234 would also like to congratulate one of our mentors and the head of our A/V crew, Neil Brenneman, for getting the Volunteer of The Year award! 

Wish us luck as we attend World Championships in St. Louis, April 26th – 29th! Good luck to all other teams going and great job this year to everybody!

Monica being interviewed by the Media team for a video.

Perry Meridian High School principal Roland Abraham, talks to the team in the pits.

234 gearing up for their next match.

Day 1 practice matches, ran smoothly. Taking the bot down at the end of a match.

Getting ready for the next match.



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Perry Meridian District Event


Over spring break, we hosted the Perry Meridian District Event. We were placed 3rd in Qualifications then, during Alliance selections, we were picked by team 1501. We won in the finals against the 1st alliance. 

Currently we are 1st in State! Wish us luck this weekend as we attend State Finals at Huntington High School in Huntington Indiana.

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Miami Valley Regional

This past weekend we attended the Miami Valley Regional! We were the 7th seeded alliance and were the first pick for the 1st alliance with teams 144 and 337. We made it to semi-finals. Thank you to all of our supporters! We hope to see you March 24th – 25th for the event at Perry Meridian High School.

Above view of the 234 pit.

The 234 bot boarding the airship.

The 234 bot on the field.

Our Pilot, putting a gear on to get the router running.

Our driver, operator and coach, talking strategy before the match.

Getting the 234 bot off the field.

Judge talkers discussing what to talk about.

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Tippecanoe District Event – Winners!

Over the weekend we attended the Tippecanoe District Event at Harrison High School. We were the 3rd seeded alliance along with teams, 1018 and 4926. We won the in the Finals after a tie! We are currently ranked 1st in Indiana! We would like to thank team 1747 for hosting this event!

The 234 robot GEARING up for a finals match
Alliance captains having a meeting with the Head Referee


234 on it’s way to their next match
Our Driver, Pilot, and Operator talking over strategy for the next match


The 234 bot getting ready once again for the next match


Our pilot getting ready for the match to begin


The team showing off their banner for the photo
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