FIRST Steamworks!

Here’s the video for the FIRST Steamworks, game animation: Game Animation
More info if posted on the FRC website. 

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Kickoff 2017!

Southport High School will be hosting a FIRST Kick-off event on Saturday, January 7th, 2017. Snacks will be served from 9 am-10 am. Kick-off broadcast begins at 10:30 am. Afterwards there will be a station set up for teams and students to interact with some field elements. At 12 pm they will begin to distribute team kits. 2 people per team should arrive.

((Please make sure you are registered with a FIRST team to attend this event.))


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C.A.G.E Update!

web2 web1

On October 15th we attended C.A.G.E Match at Southport High School. We were on the 3rd alliance and made it to semi-finals! We want to thank The Cyber Cards for leading this fun event!

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How to sign up for STIMS

STUDENTS! Here is a slide show of how to sign up using STIMS, courtesy of team 125, Nutrons! Please make sure that you sign up in STIMS or you will not be able to attend competitions for the 2017 season!

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Click here to see this years calendar!

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Boiler Bot Battle!

img_77881 img_78831img_78801img_78671

Over the weekend we attended a competition at Purdue University. We were on the winning alliance with 135, 3940, and 4272. It was the “FIRST” experience of a competition for our new members. All of them really seemed to enjoy is and get very involved with the team. Many scouted, some took photos, videos, worked on drive team, worked in the pits and or observed.  Be sure to come to R.A.G.E our all girls event on October 1st. See you there!

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Boiler Bot Battle

We just won the Boiler Bot Battle at Purdue University! Winning alliance, 234, 135, 4272 and 3940!! Pictures will be posted by Tuesday!

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2015-2016 Year Summary!

We apologize for not posting and updating over the summer! So, here is a quick summary of our 2015-2016 season!

Build Season – Robot name, Treadpool

Competition Season:

North Carolina – We were the 5th seed in the quarter-finals and we won the excellence in engineering award.

Warren Central – We were in the 7th see and made it to quarter-finals

Perry – We were in the 6th seed and made it to quarter-finals.

State – We ranked 15th in state with a 7-8-0 record.

Off season:

Indiana Robotics Invitational – We ranked 68th with a 1-8-0 record.

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Fall Planning is Underway!

Fall planning is underway!

Some upcoming events and activities:

August 9th –  Prospective new member open house

August 31st – September 1st – New member interviews

September 17th – Boiler Bot Battle at Purdue

October 1st – IndyRAGE (Robotic All Girls Event) at PMHS (see tab for details)

October 15th – CAGE Match at Southport High School

October 22nd – Indiana FIRST Forums at Purdue

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Good Luck!

Cyber Blue would like to send out our best wishes and a huge good luck to teams 1501, 868, 1747, 461, 1024, 4103, 135, 45, and 1529! Good luck Indiana FIRST teams!

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