Team History – 2022

Robot Description- “Sushi” Our 2022 robot had a collecting and shooting system that was effective for completing this year’s task of collecting cargo and launching it into hubs that stood over eight feet in the air. We also employed an unique climbing mechanism that came in clutch for many wins.

Strengths– Our intake was a touch-it, own-it system that was able to control a piece of cargo as soon as it made contact with some of our over fifty sushi rollers that made up the collection system. We also had an extremely durable and strong drive train that was able to resist defense; it was actually able to be utilized for defense in the event that any of our collecting and scoring systems became disabled.

Unique Features- The majority of the unique features of this robot must be attributed to the programming sub-team. We were able to have settings on the control board that allowed our operator to adjust the shooter speed to fit the distance from which we were shooting. Perhaps the most impressive, however, was the auto-climbing system, which allowed the robot to climb all the way to traversal with only the push of a button (save for the operator starting and stopping the sequence). This greatly reduced human error in climbing.

Favorite Memory with Robot– Coming from behind to be Finalists at our very first competition in Columbus (with mostly rookie team, too).

Robot Accomplishments- Ranking high at many events, including in Playoffs, as well as winning the Engineering Inspiration Award at both the District and State level.


Columbus District

  • District Event Finalist
  • Engineering Inspiration Award

Lafayette District

  • District Event Semi-Finalist

Indiana State Championship

  • State Quarter-Finalist
  • Engineering Inspiration Award 

FIN Columbus District 2022