Team History – 2019

Description of Robot

Our 2019 robot was a tall robot with a fast elevator that allowed us to move cargo and panels efficiently and quickly across the field.  This game favored quick cycle times, so a fast elevator allowed us to be successful throughout the season.


A simple design that allowed us to efficiently maneuver game pieces, a speed which allowed us to travel large distances with little downtime, and a reliable intake which resulted in fast piece placement and acquisition.

Unique Features

Our robot had a camera attached to it which streamed to the driver station, allowing our drivers to efficiently move the robot during the “sandstorm” period, the replacement for the autonomous period.

Favorite Memory with Robot

Getting pushed off of the level 3 habitat by another robot at the world championships.

Robot Accomplishments

Ranking high at multiple events and winning the District Chairman’s Award at Center Grove, as well as winning the Indiana State Championship.


St. Joseph District
  • District Event Finalist
  • Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford
Rocket City Regional
  • Regional Finalists
  • Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford
  • Wildcard (automatic qualification for Detroit World Championship)
Center Grove District
  • District Chairman’s Award
Indiana State Championship
  • District Championship Winner
  • Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation
World Championship
  • Quarterfinalists in our division