Team History – 2008

Description of Robot

Ritchie X had an octagonal chassis driven by four sims geared to four of our six wheels. This supported our three-stage elevator lift which could reach over 80 inches. Mounted on the front of the elevator was our gripper, which was a forklift design with a “hand” on top. All of the pneumatics were powered by four reservoirs mounted on the back of the robot to compensate for our gripper. All in all, it was a fast, strong, and dominating competitor.2008 Robot


The ability to take a beating and still kick it into “overdrive” was this robot’s main asset, along with its ability to hurdle the ball over the overpass made us very competitive.

Unique Features

The variable hybrid mode was the most unique feature of Ritchie X. This mode had seven selectable options by the drive team, three for lapping, three for ball removal and ‘none’. The other unique feature of the Hybrid mode was the ability of the RoboCoach to steer the robot with the remote control (IR) inputs. The Hybrid mode had a course programmed in that used gyros and encoders to drive laps, but the RoboCoach could make small corrections by inputting a left or right turn adjustment with the remote. This allowed the robot to maneuver around other robots on the field.

Favorite Memory with Robot

The favorite memory with Ritchie X is winning the Innovation In Control Award at the Western Michigan Regional, based on the solid Hybrid Mode performance of the robot during matches.

Robot Accomplishments

Rockwell Automation Innovation In Control Award (Western Michigan Regional)


Boilermaker Regional
  • 4th seed Alliance Captain
  • Regional Chairman’s Award
  • Website Award
  • Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award
West Michigan Regional
  • 6th seed Alliance Member
  • Website Award
  • Rockwell Automation Innovation in Controls Award
  • Autodesk Inventor Design Competition Finalists