Team History – 2004

Description of Robot

In 2004, we wanted to dominate our matches by being able to climb the six-inch platform, hang from the chin-up bar, and push balls into our ball coral. We accomplished these tasks by using two-inch bore pneumatics to extend and retract our arm after we climbed to the top of the platform with our aggressive drive train treads.2004 Robot


The focus of our strategy was to make sure we ended the match hanging from the chin-up bar to score fifty points. With our 24-inch pneumatic and 6-inch pneumatic pushing against each other, we created enough force to pull ourselves up with ease. This was the one constant throughout the 2004 season.

Unique Features

If we were going to focus on hanging from the chin-up bar, then we had to make sure we could get onto the platform. We prototyped and tested every design we could come up with. The results clearly showed we needed treads, but we didn’t just use any tread. We used an aggressive Kevlar tread. These treads never failed.

Favorite Memory with Robot

“My favorite memory of the 2004 season was at the Midwest Regional. We went to hang on the bar to score 50 points. As time ran down, we approached the bar and got into position so we could hang. Hammond Team 71 ‘The Beast’ approached from the other side and grabbed the bar before we could. Team 71’s robot pulled themselves onto the bar and somehow managed to pin us down on the platform. In the last seconds, we initiated our pneumatic arm and lifted ourselves and Hammond off the platform for 50 points. It was awesome!”
– Charlie Moorhead


Arizona Regional
  • 1st seed Alliance Captain
  • Website Award
  • Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award
Midwest Regional
  • 8th seed Alliance Captain
  • Regional Chairman’s Award
  • Purdue Scholarship – Collin Fultz
  • Purdue Scholarship – Jason Kixmiller
Indiana Robotics Invitational
  • Competition Runner-ups