Detroit Championship – Day 0

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Cyber Blue left for Detroit from Indianapolis to set up to compete at the Detroit World Championships! After a few practice matches, we packed up and prepared for the first of two full days of qualification matches.

Different from previous events, the Detroit Championship has many more teams, which results in more matches. The basic schedule for the event is as follows:
Wednesday: Load-in, practice matches
Thursday: Day 1 of qualification matches
Friday: Day 2 of qualification matches
Saturday: Alliance selection, elimination matches, (if qualified) round-robin and championship matches

Qualification Match Schedule:

Match #TimeAlliance (Red/Blue)
Q11Thu. 9:56 AMBlue
Q21Thu. 10:50 AMBlue
Q33Thu. 2:19 PMRed
Q42Thu. 3:22 PMBlue
Q47Thu. 3:57 PMRed
Q59Fri. 8:42 AMRed
Q79Fri. 11:02 AMRed
Q84Fri. 11:37 AMBlue
Q99Fri. 3:24 PMRed
Q110Fri. 4:41 PMRed
Arriving at the COBO Center in Detroit
Trying to avoid entering Canada
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