Indiana State Championship – Day 0

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Cyber Blue traveled to Kokomo to get prepared for the Indiana State Championship. We set up our pit, worked on our robot, had our robot inspected, and were able to play some practice matches.

The schedule for qualification matches for Day 1 was also released:

Match #Alliance ColorEstimated Time
Q1RedFri 11:00 AM
Q7RedFri 11:54 AM
Q16BlueFri 2:12 PM
Q18BlueFri 2:28 PM
Q24RedFri 3:16 PM
Q31BlueFri 4:12 PM
Q34RedFri 4:36 PM
Q42BlueFri 5:40 PM
Q45BlueFri 6:04 PM
Q52BlueSat 10:25 AM
Q54RedSat 10:41 PM
Q64BlueSat 12:01 PM
Cyber Blue measuring up to the competition
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