Cyber Blue is Ready For Liftoff!

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These past two weeks have been full of major leaps and bounds towards
completing the robot. We have many things to update you on, so here we go!

CDR (Critical Design Review):
This year, we hosted another CDR for top sponsors and knowledgeable engineers
in the local area. By sharing our design process, the game this year, as well
as the overall robot design, we were able to get a lot of great feedback as
well as share FIRST to many other individuals who are skilled in the world of

Chairman’s Subteam:
In the past month, the Chairman’s team has finished editing and posting our
Chairman’s essay to the FIRST website. After weeks of hard work crafting the
essay, members are now looking forward to building a presentation and video
in order to compete at competitions. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

FLL Jr.:
Last year, we implemented an FLL Jr. program at a local elementary school in
our community and our members have been acting as mentors for these students.
The best part is that the curriculum is built into an hour of their school
day each week! After our first year of the program, the principal was so
excited that he asked us to increase from just one classroom to the entire
fourth and fifth grade. In the span of only one year, our Flight Crew expanded
the impact level from only 36 students to over 430 students! Through
programming and designing, the students gain valuable STEM skills.

We love continuing this through build season!

Bill Of Materials:
Throughout both build and competition season, our Systems subteam works
diligently to create and meticulously edit our team’s Bill of Materials
(BOM). The BOM lays out the entire cost of our robot by tracking orders and
parts recycled from previous games. Although not finished yet, we are making
strides towards perfecting our BOM in order to get the most accurate prices
for the robot.

Bagging the Robot:
Once the robot was completed, we bagged and tagged the robot and we are very
excited to show the world our bot at our first competition, the St. Joseph
district event, and in our reveal video, which we are also working on.

Boy and Girl Scouts:
Finally, after the robot was completed, members demoed our R1 design along
with our minibot to Boy and Girl Scouts in the local area. The scouts’ faces
lit up as the robot flew by across the field, and they even got to feed the
robot panels and cargo. We then set up special STEM activities

FRC 234 Cyber Blue Reveal Video 2019
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