Introducing… Our New T-Shirt Launcher!

Entrance to the new Falcon Stadium

After about a month of building our t-shirt launcher, Cyber Blue has finally revealed it to the public eye yesterday, on the opening night of our brand new stadium! This is a monumental significance for Perry Meridian High School because we have been sharing a football stadium with Southport High School for over forty years! Many alumni from our high school even came to visit the stadium. 

Successful turnout at opening night

Before launching t-shirts into the crowd, Cyber Blue members must pass a safety and knowledge test in order to shoot the device. The launcher ranges from 40-100 psi and must be handled with special consideration. Then we held a practice session before the game to test it out.

Robot driver, Ben Fair, launches a t-shirt

When the big day arrived, many Cyber Blue members got a chance to operate the t-shirt launcher and it was a total success! The crowd was hyped up about it and showed positive enthusiasm. Our new principal, Mr. Boedicker, even got a chance to shoot it into the crowd! 

Ben lets Mr. Boedicker launch a t-shirt


Overall, this was such a positive event and Cyber Blue hopes to shoot more t-shirts at future events soon!

Cyber Blue team members pose for a picture

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