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T-Shirt Cannon makes a splash!

Cyber Blue has been headlining our homemade T-shirt launcher at Perry Meridian’s football games. Go Falcons!

Introducing… Our New T-Shirt Launcher!

After about a month of building our t-shirt launcher, Cyber Blue has finally revealed it to the public eye yesterday, on the opening night of our brand new stadium! This is a monumental significance for Perry Meridian High School because

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Indianapolis Indians FIRST Pitch!

We were asked by the Indianapolis Indians to create a robot to throw out the FIRST pitch in a ball game. We said “YES!”, and the result was “Lefty Circuits” who threw out a strike and then drove off the field at

Gen Con Experiences Cyber Blue!

Cyber Blue members are having a great time showing off their 2009 robot “Caroline” and talking about FIRST and all the great opportunities that go with a robotics program to some very interested Jedi’s. They were heard saying “This is