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Destination: Deep Space!

This year’s game for the 2019 season is Destination: Deep Space!  Teams have to place “hatch panels” and “cargo” into a rocket ship and cargo ship located in various locations around the field in order to score points.  Teams have

Team Picture

We are proud to present our team picture for this year! 50 people total, 34 students and 16 mentors! Wish us luck as our build season winds down to an end as bag and tag day is only a few

Making a Difference

The  Team has been busy in the shop cleaning and organizing and making a shipping crate for the Rookie All Star for 2015. The crate was created to be passed on from year to year to the new Rookie All Star.

Slingshot Screening a Success!

Our screening of Slingshot was a huge success. We had Scouts come in before the screening and showed them how to build and program robots using the Lego Mindstorm kits. The kids had an awesome time with the robots and

“Slingshot” Questions

“Slingshot” Questions 1.             What is Dean’s most famous invention? 2.             What was Dean’s first invention? 3.             What are 50% of all human disease caused by? 4.             What is the name of Dean’s latest invention (the water distiller)? 5.             What organization did Dean form for students?

SlingShot Screening Scheduled

In an effort to raise awareness about FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Cyber Blue will host a screening of the documentary SlingShot on December 14th. We are inviting all Cyber Blue Fans, Students, our Sponsors, Proud