Author: Matthew Hayden

2018 Plainfield District

On March 23rd, Cyber Blue went to the 2018 Plainfield District competition.   This was a very successful competition, with up to 10 cubes cycled in a match and an event victory! Cyber Blue ended up ranking 2nd after qualifying

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2018 St. Joseph District

Cyber Blue 234 traveled up to Mishawaka on March 10th and 11th for the St. Joseph district event. Lightning and our drive team performed very well over the weekend, cycling up to 9 cubes! Cyber blue ranked 8th among 40

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2018 Miami Valley Regional

On March 1st, 2018, Cyber Blue traveled up to Dayton, Ohio for our first event of the season, the Miami Valley Regional. Our robot, Lightning, cycled 5 power cubes on average across 6 matches. Lightning has the ability to play both the

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