Author: David Kelly

Week 2 Is Underway!

We’ve been busily working as week two of build season has begun. Prototyping has gone well and a full robot design is starting to come together. Progress is growing rapidly and excitement is following alongside!        

Build Season Begins!

Six weeks and counting! Build season kicked off this morning with the broadcast and reveal of the 2014 game. This year’s challenge is Aerial Assist. The main goal is to score a large ball into various goals with a focus

Girl Scouts and Robots!

On Saturday, We hosted a group of Girl Scouts in our lab for an afternoon of robotics and excitement! The girls had a blast working with team members to build a golfing robot using Lego Mindstorms pieces while getting experience

Thank You Kevin!

Last night our school board honored our mentor, Kevin Kelly for his 15 years as a volunteer on our team. We couldn’t run without his wonderful support and guidance. Thank you Kevin!            

Homecoming Week!

Last week was Homecoming Week for our school and Rose-Hulman University! Thursday we participated in our school’s annual Homecoming Parade, As the winners of the 2013 Crossroads regional,  we were invited to participate in the half-time show Saturday at Rose-Hulman.

Summer time!

The off-season continues as school comes to a close and we say goodbye to our 2013 graduates. We’ve begun work on summer projects as well as welcoming incoming freshmen from our middle school vex team. The summer may be short but there’s

Indiana State Champions!

A few weekends ago, IndianaFIRST and Perry Meridian High School hosted the Inaugural Indiana State Championship. This event was comprised of the top 24 FIRST teams in Indiana based off rankings similar to district events. We were ranked 3rd for our performance throughout

Cyber Blue wins Crossroads!

Last week we claimed victory at the Crossroads Regional at Rose-Hulman University! We ranked 2nd in qualifications and partnered with FIRST team 868, the Techhounds, and FIRST team 1646, Precision Guessworks for an intense bunch of elimination matches. We also were

Readying for Crossroads!

We’ve been very busy the past two weeks as we prepare for the Crossroads regional at Rose-Hulman University. After much consideration, we’ve finished design alterations and our Chairman’s team has been hard at work. We can’t wait to compete this Friday and Saturday!

Engineering Inspiration Winners!

Get ready St. Louis, Cyber Blue is coming! Last week at the Boilermaker regional, Cyber Blue was named the winner of the regional Engineering Inspiration award. This award qualifies us for the World Championship in St. Louis and we can’t