2003 Robot

IFDescription of robot

The Falcon V, or “The Flailer”, had a very slow drive and a tower that held up the “Flailing Arm”.

Strengths-This robot had extremely high torque–we never got pushed once. The arm was also very robust compared to the other robots of similiar design.

Unique feature(s)-The most unique feature was the flailer arm. It would start out in a compact position, then fold out and extend to knock totes onto our side of the field.

Favorite memory with robot-When we got the robot to run for the FIRST time, completely, we were at the Richmond competition in the parking lot.

Robot Accomplishments-Our best accomplishment was getting the robot to run on the spot in the Richmond Regional parking lot minutes before the competition.

NASA VCU Regional

  • 7th seed Alliance Member
  • Website Award

Arizona Regional

  • 1st seed Alliance Member
  • Regional Chairman’s Award
  • Website Award

2003 Pictures