2001 Robot

KSC2001ROBOTDescription of robot

The Beefeater picked up a large ball and placed it upon an 8 foot goal. It could also pull goals around the playing field.

Strengths-The robot’s strength was its arm. The driver wore a backpack. Beefeater’s arm mimicked the arm of the driver!

Unique feature(s)-The most unique feature was the arm of the robot.

Favorite memory with robot-The 710 match at the Midwest Regional is definitely the favorite memory for 2001!

Robot Accomplishments-Cyber Blue 234 received the National Driving Tomorrow’s Technology award.

NASA Kennedy Space Center Regional

  • 3rd place finish – Finalists
  • Delphi Driving Tomorrows Technology Award

Motorola Midwest Regional

  • Regional Champions
  • Special Judges Award winners


  • 30th place finish in Archimedes Division, 60th place finish overall
  • Delphi Driving Tomorrows Technology Award

Indiana Robotics Invitational

  • 2nd place finish – Competition Runners-up
  • Leadership in Controls Award

2001 Pictures