2018 Plainfield District

On March 23rd, Cyber Blue went to the 2018 Plainfield District competition.


This was a very successful competition, with up to 10 cubes cycled in a match and an event victory!

Cyber Blue ended up ranking 2nd after qualifying matches.


Winning Alliance- 868 TechHOUNDS, 234 Cyber Blue, and 3947 the Last Crusaders.

Finalist Alliance- 5188 Classified Robotics, 3940 CyberTooth, and 829 Digital Goats


2018 Award Winners

District Chairman’s- 1747 Harrison Boiler Robotics

Excellence in Engineering- 1018 Pike Robodevils

Highest Rookie Seed- 6956 Sham-Rock-Botics

Judges’ Award- 829 Digital Goats

Spirit Award- 2771 Code Red Robotics